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Extreme Blower Products
Demonstration and Installation Guide

At Extreme Blower Products, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with easy-to-use tools. In line with this, we offer a step-by-step guide on how to use our spreader attachment.

How to Install

Installing our spreader involves three simple steps and takes only five minutes. Here’s what you have to do:

Extreme Blower Products

Step One:
Make a Hole

Using a one-inch round-style hole saw, drill a hole through the plastic blower tube.

Extreme Blower Products

Step Two:
Secure the Base

Next, clasp the mounting straps to the spreader base. Do so by pushing the strap holes into the base’s protrusions and wrapping each mounting strap around the blower tube.

Extreme Blower Products

Step Three:
Attach the Hopper

For the last step, attach the hopper to the spreader base. It is important that you line up the knobs in the hopper with the channels in the base. Once that is done, push the hopper onto the base and turn it clockwise about 1/8th of a turn until it stops.

How to Use the Hopper

  • 1 Fill the hopper with your desired granular product.
  • 2 Remove the funnel.
  • 3 Reattach the hopper lid.

How to Revert to the Leaf Blower

If you would like to use your leaf blower as it was originally designed, all you have to do is:

  • 1 Remove the hopper by rotating it 1/8th of a turn counterclockwise.
  • 2 You do not have to remove the spreader base.
  • 3 Close the base flow gate to resume regular leaf blower functions.

At Extreme Blower Products, we provide our customers with a handy device that can convert a run-of-the-mill leaf blower into a handheld, granular spreader. It’s the tool that can do it all.