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If we told you that we have a device that transforms leaf blowers into industrial-grade spreaders, would you believe us? Extreme Blower Products offers such a tool. Our product conveniently attaches to leaf blowers, modifying them into handheld, granular spreaders. It can be used for seeding lawns, spraying bug repellant, spraying weeds, and so much more!

Extreme Blower Products

Easy Installation

The Extreme Blower Spreader can be installed in about five minutes. All you have to do is drill a hole into the nozzle, strap on the spreader base, and attach the hopper. That’s it!


“It's a great product. Shipping was on time and spreader was easy to install. Calling them was the best choice!”


"Got our food plots planted in no time with this new product!! Recommend gettin one of these! Easy plantin, does a great job!!"


"It is truly fantastic to receive a product that is as the web-site or advertising says. When they say you can install this device in just a few minutes onto your blower tube, it is TOTALLY REAL!!"

D. Darrow

"Ordered a XL Extreme Blower. Fast delivery, well made and installation was simple. Works well to spread ice melt rapidly and evenly. Should work well in the spring for seeding, fertilizing and other applications."

G Davis

"I just bought my new extreme blower spreader XL at Tom's Lawn and Garden in Bryan, OH. It has been great for spot seeding yards as well as applying fall fertilizer on smaller yards. It went right on my blower in less than 5 min and is really easy to use. Thanks for a great new tool!!! Can't wait to use it for ice melt this winter! "

Matt Keck
Owner Keck Lawn Care

"Jim, ​I just placed my order. I just want to say four things about your product: it is made in U.S., it is reasonably priced, it works, and you have excellent customer service!" Thanks again.

D. Schuetz

"​I tested this device last night and it works great for dispensing ice melt pellets. My search is over. Thank you Extreme Blower Products!!!!"

Randy Barnhart

"Received my Extreme Blower 3/14/2015. Installed it in 5 minutes and put it to work spreading Fertilizer over our 1 acre yard. What a savings in time and machinery this unit is. I can stand in one spot and shoot seed and fertilizer 30-40 feet around me, or control it in small tight areas. If you have a lot of spring preparation in your yard, this unit is a must."

Gary Wood

Best Product Ever

"Lawn Doctor loves this blower spreader. It drains well, works great. We use it for our Snapshot for preemerging our customer's flower beds. The blower applies the product under shrubs and in the flower beds. The sprayer makes the application fast and efficient. No more leaning over and sprinkling product!"

S. Johnson

The extreme blower seeder is a game changer!

I am owner of H & P Hunting Land Management. We wanted to tell you how much we love the extreme spreader. We bought it a year ago and use it on almost every job! The first time I brought the extreme blower seeder to the job my business partner laughed and said he couldn’t believe I would even bring something so ridiculous out on a job. After he saw it in action, he had to try it. We bought 2 more the next day! Unlike a bag spreader, you have more control over where your seed is going. I use it around the house for salting sidewalks in the winter also."

Caleb Emrick

Happy customer

Randy Giz Barnhart (Pictured with XD Spreader)

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At Extreme Blower Products, we provide our customers with a handy device that can convert a run-of-the-mill leaf blower into a handheld, granular spreader. It’s the tool that can do it all.